How to Create a Cozy Bedroom

The Ivory Electric Fireplace by Touchstone Home Products
makes it easy to add warmth and coziness to your bedroom.
A cozy, comforting bedroom helps you relax and recharge. Here are some tips to turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.

Window Dressing

For a good night’s (or day’s) sleep, use black out curtains in your bedroom. Insulated, room-darkening curtains also help to reduce energy costs.

The Right Lighting

Soft lights in the bedroom are soothing. If you like to read in bed, you can reduce eye strain with a clip-on, portable reading light. For those who fall asleep with the lights on, a timer that switches the lights off automatically prevents the unwelcome 3 AM wakeup in a bright room.

TV Time

Sleep experts recommend turning off the television half an hour before your bedtime. For those who need a little discipline to pause a TV series binge, a TV lift cabinet in your bedroom keeps your television out of view when it’s time to sleep. With the touch of a remote control, you can raise or lower your TV within a Touchstone TV lift cabinet. Touchstone’s end of bed TV lift cabinets provide the perfect positioning to sooth tired eyes – and read subtitles and sports scores.

High Quality Mattress

The average person spends one third of a lifetime sleeping. A comfortable mattress ensures a restful sleep and reduces aches and pains. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress approximately every 7 years. However, Consumer Reports found mattress quality lasts much longer and recommends replacing your mattress when it becomes uncomfortable.

Between the Sheets

Flannel, Egyptian cotton or jersey knit, pick a texture that suits your own definition of comfort. Invest in well-made pillows that match your favorite sleeping position to avoid waking up with a stiff neck.

Comfortable Temperature

Many thermostats are pre-programmed to lower the room temperature at night. An electric fireplace can take the chill off your bedroom when the temperature dips.  With an energy-efficient, remote controlled electric fireplace by Touchstone, you can adjust the heat and flame intensity from the comfort of your bed. Touchstone Electric Fireplaces also include a no-heat setting, so you can enjoy the realistic, relaxing flames year-round.

Minimize Distractions

A cozy bedroom is a place to switch off physically and mentally. If possible, shut down your computer, cell phone and other electronics when you’re ready for some shut-eye. Put the TV away with a TV lift cabinet. Keep the overflowing laundry basket and email in-box out of your bedroom. A few easy changes in your bedroom can ensure a better night’s sleep and a more productive day.

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