Custom Finished Pop Up TV Lift Cabinets For Large Screen TVs

A custom finished Touchstone Elevate  TV Lift Cabinet
matches the door and wall accents perfectly.
Photo courtesy of Daytime Divas
Shopping for a new flat screen TV? Some TV shoppers put a lot of thought and analysis into picture quality, contrast ratio, 4K vs. HDR and the newest, coolest features. Others simply choose the largest screen at the lowest price. Regardless of how much research goes into the TV purchase, the placement of the new big TV is often an afterthought.

“Go Big Or Go Home”

When it comes to screen size, most of us agree bigger is better. It’s only after we gleefully open the big box and see the super-sized black rectangle that we realize we’re going to need a bigger wall or a larger media cabinet. At Touchstone, we’ve experienced this design dilemma first hand, and we developed our TV lift cabinets with this in mind.

Versatile Style Solution

With plenty of space to conceal most large screen televisions, a Touchstone TV lift cabinet provides the perfect TV mounting solution without a tradeoff on TV size or room style. The versatile cabinet can be placed against the wall, at the foot of a bed or used as a room divider.

For even more TV storage camouflage, many shoppers opt for Touchstone unfinished TV lift cabinets. The unfinished cabinets can be painted to match existing furniture for a seamless design solution. Touchstone will professionally finish the cabinet to your specifications or you can paint it yourself. The unfinished and custom finished TV lift cabinets ship fully assembled.

Design Inspiration

We are continually inspired by the creativity of Touchstone customers. Many customers paint the cabinets in two or more colors to accent the cabinet’s design and match their room d├ęcor. Check out some custom finished Touchstone TV Lift Cabinets below.  You can see more design inspiration at the Touchstone TV Lift Cabinet Photo Gallery.

The unfinished Elevate TV Lift Cabinet was shipped to VH1's Daytime Divas TV production set for custom painting to match the room decor.

Below is the custom finished Elevate TV Lift Cabinet, painted to match the door and wall accents.

This Unfinished Adonzo TV Lift Cabinet (pictured below) is beautifully detailed in an American Walnut stain with gold trim.

This Unfinished Bungalow TV Lift Cabinet (pictured below) was custom painted to a customer's specifications by the Touchstone finishing team.

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