Tasteful TV Concealment Solutions for Businesses, Churches and Funeral Homes

The Touchstone Monterey TV Lift Cabinet tastefully hides a large flat screen television.
The motorized Touchstone Monterey TV Lift Cabinet
 tastefully hides a large flat screen television. 
TVs are popping up – literally - at church gatherings and memorial services across the country. Once taboo in places of worship and funeral homes, televisions and other media have become part of the experience at many religious and memorial services.

Funeral directors and church leaders face the challenge of providing high tech slideshows and videos while maintaining the right balance of decorum and protocol. Many choose Touchstone Home Products pop-up TV cabinets to keep large television screens and monitors out of sight when needed.

Touchstone TV lift cabinets are built with traditional carpentry for long lasting style and durability. Inside the cabinet, the top rated Whisper Lift II motorized TV lift quietly and discreetly lifts and lowers a flat screen television into or out of view with the touch of a remote control.

Available with optional rolling casters, Touchstone TV lift cabinets move easily from room to room. Most models are finished on all four sides for versatile placement. With depths of 20 inches or less, these cabinets save valuable floor space.

Easy Alternative to a Wall Mounted TV

The classic style Monterey TV Lift Cabinet in Espresso tastefully hides a TV at a business, church or funeral home.
The built-in, motorized TV lift discreetly
lifts and lowers the TV into and out of view.
Also ideal for small businesses, law firms and other professional service providers, Touchstone TV lift cabinets provide easy-to-integrate television concealment solutions. The hidden TV cabinet offers an alternative to wall mounting in a room without adequate wall space or suitable wall construction to support a flat screen television or large computer monitor.

Add Versatility to a Small Workspace

A Touchstone TV lift cabinet adds versatility to a small workspace, making it easy to transition one room from a multimedia-rich conference area to a distraction-free, private office with the push of a button. For companies with a limited AV budget, a TV lift cabinet adds a professional look, paired with the latest technology.

Affordable AV Upgrade

Touchstone Home Products Vice President Frank Quinlisk shares, “Our TV lift cabinets can be found in many businesses, churches and schools. The advanced TV lift technology provides an affordable upgrade, compared to costly AV remodeling projects. Plus, the classic style cabinets blend well with existing d├ęcor. Many models are available in custom finishes to match your furniture perfectly.”

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See the Monterey Espresso TV Lift Cabinet in action: