Retrofit a Wood Fireplace With a Maintenance-Free Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone Ingleside Electric Fireplace Insert
fits into an existing wood or gas burning fireplace. 
Touchstone Home Products, Inc. recently added an electric fireplace insert to their line of standalone and wall mounted electric fireplaces. Touchstone’s new Ingleside Firebox Insert converts a traditional wood or gas fireplace into an energy efficient electric-powered fireplace.

How Does the Ingleside Fireplace Insert Work?

The electric fireplace insert rests inside an existing fireplace hearth and plugs into the closest electrical outlet. To install, simply place the Ingleside firebox into the hearth and attach the included frame to fill in the space between the firebox and the hearth. The heat and flame settings adjust by remote control.

Is the Ingleside Electric Fireplace Right For Me?

Touchstone developed this product based on customer demand. Our customer care team receives many calls from people who aren’t able to use wood fireplaces because of burning restrictions in their communities. We also get requests from people who are looking for a maintenance-free fire. An electric fireplace offers all the ambiance of real flames without the extra work of splitting wood, cleaning ashes and sweeping chimneys.

Does the Ingleside Electric Fireplace Look Real?

We’ve worked hard to develop the most realistic looking LED flames on the market. We know we’ve succeeded when we see the reactions of shoppers in our showroom or trade show booth. Many are surprised to learn the electric fireplaces are cool to the touch, a big selling point for shoppers with young children or pets.

Is the Ingleside Electric Fireplace More Efficient?

Compared to the price of wood or natural gas, the Touchstone Ingleside Electric Fireplace offers significant savings. The Ingleside costs about 20 cents an hour to power the highest heat and flame settings for an annual cost of about $50 - $80 per year.

Is the Ingleside Electric Fireplace Safe?

An electric fireplace provides the comfort of a wood or gas fireplace without the worry of stray burning embers or dangerous gas leaks. No need to wait until the fire burns out, the Ingleside has a built in timer mode, automatic shut off and an easy on/off remote control switch. Enjoy the true-to-life LED flames without the smoke, fumes or carcinogens of a wood fireplace.

The before and after images of converting a wood fireplace to an electric fireplace.

Can I Use the Ingleside Electric Fireplace Year Round?

Depending on your climate and lifestyle, you may only use your wood fireplace a few times a year. A wood fire takes planning, time and a drop in temperature. An electric fireplace gives you the freedom to turn on the heat and flames with the touch of a button. The Ingleside’s dual heat and flame controls work independently, so you can enjoy the flames without the heat when desired. In colder weather, two heat settings warm a room up to 400 square feet, helping you save on heating costs.

Will the Ingleside Electric Fireplace Fit In My Wood Fireplace?

The Ingleside is compatible with fireplace openings more than 28 inches wide and 24 inches high. A 6-inch black frame is included to fill in any space between the Ingleside and the hearth.

Not Just For Show

In many homes, a wood fireplace is a beautiful centerpiece in a room, but rarely put to use. With the Ingleside electric insert, you can make the most of your existing fireplace without the mess, risk and hassle of a real fire.

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