New Touchstone Advanced TV Lifts Raise the Bar on Performance

The remarkably quiet and reliable Whisper Lift II TV Lift
Touchstone Home Products, Inc. recently added advanced technology TV lift mechanisms to its best selling product line. The new Whisper Lift II Pro Advanced TV Lift and Whisper Lift II Pro Advanced Swivel TV Lift raise the bar for other TV lift brands.

Touchstone’s much-anticipated TV lift mechanisms pack a lot of features into a motorized TV lift: an IR sensor for universal remote control compatibility, a 12 volt trigger connection and programmable lift height memory. The Pro Advanced Swivel TV Lift adds a manual 60-degree swivel to enhance the TV viewing area.

Universal Remote Compatibility

The Whisper Lift II Pro Advanced TV lift models feature IR sensor technology.  The IR sensor lets you program a universal remote control to operate the TV lift. With a push of a button, the TV’s universal remote signals the TV lift to raise or lower the TV quickly and quietly.

Easy Up and Down with On and Off

The new Whisper Lift II Pro Advanced TV Lifts are compatible with AV systems equipped with 12-volt triggers. When configured with the 12-volt trigger, the TV lift will automatically raise or lower the television when the TV equipment is powered on or off.

Lift Height Memory

You can easily set the height of the Whisper Lift II Advanced Pro TV Lifts. This is a popular feature for those who install the TV lift into a fixed space with cabinets above (or below, in the dropdown mode).

Adjust the Angle of the TV Anytime

The Touchstone Whisper Lift II Pro Advanced Swivel TV Lift Mechanism can be manually adjusted 60 degrees left or right, so the TV is at an optimal viewing angle from any seat in the house.

Pop Up or Drop Down

Touchstone’s versatile Whisper Lift II TV lift collection can be installed as a pop up or drop down lift, depending on your design and space.

Built to Last

An industry leader, Touchstone Home Products, Inc. has been in the TV lift business from the start. “We have long-time customers who integrated our TV lifts into their projects years ago and the lifts are still working like new.” says Touchstone Home Products Vice President Frank Quinlisk.

The secret to Touchstone TV lifts’ long lasting value is solid double steel construction and attention to detail. “Our lifts are powered by the quietest 24 v motor – hence the name ‘Whisper Lift’.  The single piston actuator is fully enclosed and protected from dirt and debris,” Quinlisk explains.

Partnership with Professionals

The Whisper Lift II Pro Advanced TV Lifts are in high demand by builders, interior designers, AV professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Easy to install, this TV lift includes a Universal Quick Connect system that is simple to integrate into any project. Quinlisk remarks, “We’ve been told by many builders and AV experts that we are their go-to company for the best TV lifts. What really sets us apart is our personalized customer service. When you place our TV lift in your model home or a client’s home theatre, you are placing a lot of trust in us. We know you are on the hook to the clients. We work hard to make sure you look good.”

Watch the video and check out all the features: