The Best Colors For the Bedroom

The colors and decor in your bedroom can encourage
a good night's sleep. Pictured here, the Touchstone Harrison
Espresso TV Lift Cabinet is finished on four sides for
perfect end-of-bed placement. 
What is the best color to paint your bedroom? Research shows color affects our behavior and mood. Statistics suggest calming colors like soft blues, yellows and greens promote relaxation and sleep.

In a recent study, hotel company Travelodge surveyed 2000 people in the UK and found a correlation between bedroom wall colors and the amount of sleep and couple time. According to the survey results, respondents with blue rooms got the best night’s rest, averaging seven hours and fifty-two minutes of slumber per night. 58 percent of those surveyed who sleep in blue rooms say they regularly wake up feeling happy. 

Cozy Colors

But before you paint your bedroom blue, you may want to consider yellow or green. The study shows these colors also help to create a cozy, restful bedroom. In contrast, purple, thought to be a mentally stimulating color, could lead to restless nights. Those who sleep in a purple room reported only getting five hours and fifty-six minutes sleep per night. 

This colorful guide on Houzz summarizes the findings:

Can you really improve your sleep by painting your bedroom blue – or is there more to it? In his article "How Emotions, Ideas and Senses Influence Our Color Perception” author Peter Crimmins explores how the human brain interprets color. He cites the work of researcher Kevin Connolly at the University of Pennsylvania, who uses multicolored M&M candies to show how we perceive color through our senses. According to Crimmins, “You never perceive pure color. Your brain is constantly filtering it through your sense of taste, touch, smell, and – most importantly – your memories.”

More Than One Color

In essence, this means your furniture style, bed linens and lighting are just as important to your perception of a relaxing bedroom as the wall color. When selecting bedroom decor, choose the textures and hues that calm your senses. If a dresser top covered with a TV, folded laundry and paperwork adds stress, hide the TV in a matching TV Lift Cabinet and move the laundry and papers out of sight.

The right furniture can make a bedroom more relaxing. Obviously a comfortable mattress can encourage restful sleeping (and cuddling)  - but a wardrobe with enough space for all your clothes can help too. Choose furniture that fits your room in finishes that complement your style.

The Right Furniture Can Make a Room More Relaxing

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