Pop Up or Drop Down? The Whisper Lift II TV Lift Rises to the Occasion

A peek inside the quiet operation Touchstone Whisper Lift II
TV Lift Mechanism. Made from durable steel construction
with an enclosed single piston actuator for long term reliability. 
A favorite among “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts, the versatile Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV Lift fits in many applications. The lift is easy to install and has been built into kitchen cabinets, boats, custom shelving and ceilings. The Whisper Lift II can also be found in many hotels and hospitality properties. The TV lift's price, easy operation and long term reliability make it popular with hotel and inn designers.

Hassle-Free Installation

The Whisper Lift II TV Lift ships fully assembled and ready for TV mounting. Made with durable steel construction, this TV lift can hold a flat screen TV up to 100 lbs. The mechanical lift uses an enclosed single piston actuator that reduces wear and tear and protects the unit from dirt and debris.

A quiet 24v motor powers the TV lift and raises the lift to its full height of 65 inches in less than thirty seconds. The Whisper Lift II’s universal quick connect system features a unique mounting system that securely fastens your flat screen TV to the lift. The Whisper Lift II includes the necessary hardware to connect most TV brands and models.

Pop Up TV Lift or Drop Down TV Lift

The Whisper Lift II can be used as a pop up TV lift or a drop down TV lift. The Whisper Lift II includes one RF remote control and a wired handset control for easy operation.

When installed as a drop down TV lift, you can lower your TV from the ceiling with a touch of a button, creating an on-demand movie theatre. With another touch of the button, your TV disappears back into the ceiling. The Whisper Lift II TV Lift is tested for use in a drop-down application with flat screen TVs under 55 inches and 75 lbs.

Watch the drop down Whisper Lift II TV Lift in action:

Top Marks for This Best Selling TV Lift

The Touchstone Whisper Lift II is a best seller and consistently gets rave reviews from satisfied customers: “Speaking as an engineer with more than 40 years experience, I am very impressed with the quality of your product (the rugged design, well made parts, perfect paint finish, elegance of electrical design and, of course, your customer service).” – Bob K.

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