Create a Cozy Home With an Electric Fireplace

Create a cozy space in your home with Touchstone Home
Products Electric Fireplaces. Pictured here: Sideline Electric
Fireplace by Touchstone item #80004
As sweater weather approaches, summer cravings for ice cream and beach days give way to thoughts of hearty stews, pumpkin lattes, down comforters and fireplaces. While sitting on a beach may be a dream for many, sitting in front of a fireplace is possible for all with a Touchstone electric fireplace.

An Easy DIY Autumn Project

When the temperature drops, home projects move indoors. From cleaning the furnace to checking window insulation, we instinctively hunker down for the winter. Autumn is the perfect time to add a cozy electric fireplace to your home.  In less than an hour, you can install and enjoy an electric fireplace in any room of your house.

Low Maintenance Comfort

An electric fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to any room in your home without the hassle and maintenance of a real fireplace. A Touchstone Electric Fireplace delivers heat and realistic flames by remote control. With an electric fireplace, you can cross off chimney sweeping, splitting wood, cleaning soot and dusting fireplace ashes from your to-do list.

On Demand Ambiance

You can start an electric fire anytime. Even better, you can turn off an electric fireplace whenever you want, rather than waiting for a real fire to burn out before leaving the house or going to bed. Perfect for any season, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces have heat controls, which means you can switch off the heat and enjoy these electric fireplaces year-round.

Easy to Install

With no need for a mason, architect, building permit or natural gas line, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are easy to install in any room of your house. 50-inch wide Onyx Electric Fireplace, 72-inch wide OnyxXL Electric Fireplace and 50-inch Ivory Electric Fireplace by Touchstone mount quickly to the wall. The heat element is at the top, giving the front of fireplace a sleek, vent-free design. These electric fireplaces can also be recessed inside of a wall with the heat option disabled.

Choice of Mounting

The 50-inch wide Sideline Electric Fireplace and 40-inch wide Forte Electric Fireplace by Touchstone can be wall mounted or placed inside of a wall. The heat vent is on the front of these electric fireplaces, which means the heat option can be used for both wall mount and recessed installations.

Classic Mantled Fireplace Style

For the fastest installation, choose the Conestoga Electric Fireplace TV Lift Cabinet. This stand-alone electric fireplace is built into a beautiful wood TV Lift Cabinet.  Simply unpack, plug in and enjoy. The Conestoga Electric Fireplace TV Lift Cabinet is available in Espresso or unfinished wood. Touchstone can professionally stain the unfinished model to your specifications or you can do it yourself.

As the seasons change, you can enjoy the toasty warmth and comfort of a Touchstone Home Products electric fireplace faster than you can make a cup of hot chocolate and grab your favorite blanket.