More on the Touchstone Sideline

There is nothing more exciting about the release of the new Touchstone Sideline flush-mount electric fireplace than the simple fact that it will give us something to offer to all those Onyx fireplace customers, who wanted to put the Onyx in the wall.

Since the Onyx's heating element comes out of the top of the firebox, placing it in a wall could possibly a dangerous situation. So, having a solution for all these home contractors and designers gives us great joy.

The Sideline is the same size as the Onyx, but the heat element forces the warm air out of the front of the fireplace, not the top. The design of the fireplace lets you remove the glass frame from the front of the unit, the place the firebox in the wall. The firebox is secured with two mounts on each side, so it will be solidly mounted in your wall. Once placed in the wall, the glass is replaced on the front, and the fireplace is ready to go. Of course you have to connect the power inside the wall, but considering you are purchasing a fireplace meant to go in the wall, we're assuming your prepared for that.

Some other notes on the Sideline Electric Fireplace:

  1. We expect them to be ready to ship around December 18th. If you're looking for Christmas delivery, you'll need to go with an express service, or be in the midlantic region if you ship ground.
  2. There is no video yet, but will have one posted by the end of next week.
  3. The flame will be identical to the Onyx, so if you want a detailed view, visit the Onyx Youtube video.