Custom Vanity using a WhisperLift II

The WhisperLift II has been on a roll lately, not only moving in our Touchstone cabinets, but also doing very well as a standalone lift mechanism. We hear stories of lots of interesting and fun integrations, from kitchen counters with rising flat screen TVs to custom woodworking projects. Since the WhisperLift's appearance in Woodsmith magazine, the uses of the lift have been really diverse.

Here's a project using the WhisperLift II, where a local cabinet maker designed a really unique vanity. Stone Creek Cabinets in Ephrata, PA was interested in working with us on some custom cabinets, and as a test project they decided to build a custom design for a recent Philly area home show.

What they came up with was a great design for a custom vanity design, where a lighted mirror and storage shelf rises from the table top. The lights for the vanity turn on from a smart but simple little switch on the table top. Check out this video of the vanity.

The WhisperLift II is a really versatile TV lift mechanism, and it can fit a lot of custom integrations. If you want to make sure the WhisperLift II will work with your project, contact us and we can discuss it with you. If you would like to work with a custom cabinet maker who can integrate the WhisperLift, contact Stone Creek Cabinets in Ephrata.