Imitation is often the best form of flattery

One of the most rewarding perks of working at Touchstone has been hearing the positive feedback from our customers after receiving their new TV lift cabinet. I can't tell you how many times we hear from our customers that the pictures of our cabinets simply don't do them justice. The excitement and elation in our customers voices is priceless.

From trendy handbags to electronics and furniture you can find a knockoff brand that claims to have the same look and feel as the authentic versions. But, when you dig a little deeper you'll always find the reason why the price was significantly less than what you would have expected to pay for the real version. Oddly enough, we see a lot of hype from poor quality furniture manufacturers with products similar to Touchstone's TV lift cabinets. 

Here's the worst part, in many of these cases the prices of sub-par quality cabinets can be exorbitantly higher than the real thing.  

Buyer beware in the online shopping era. Unfortunately there are companies out there that will overload you with massive amounts of filler and useless information in efforts to persuade you to buy. As a courtesy to those shopping for TV lift cabinets online, here's a few tips to keep in mind before you buy:

  • Look closely and pay attention to the details. 
    • Take a few minutes to look through the images and really evaluate the quality of the furniture. 
  • Does it look like plywood? (because it probably is).
  • Does it look like quality woods and materials were used in the construction? 
    • Or is it thinner than the furniture you had in your college apartment?
  • Look over the dimensions of the cabinet and judge for yourself whether you think it could be a concern or hazard with the potential of tipping over. 
  • Does the cabinet and lift mechanism appear to be stable? 
  • Does the cabinet and lift mechanism appear to be safe? 
  • Does the cabinet and lift mechanism appear to be sturdy?
    • Would you trust it to hold your expensive flat screen TV? 
  • Lastly, request wood samples to make sure you receive what you expect to and the color matches just right.
Thankfully, we're here to squash your fears and ensure our customers satisfaction with every TV lift cabinet we produce. Our team of experts go above and beyond the typical standards in everything we do, from the initial designs of our TV lift cabinets to the manufacturing procedures, delivery and installation, and even years after a sale we take pride in providing unparalleled customer service and support. 

If your unsure about what to expect or have questions about our products please give us a call anytime. We're here to help and can be reached at 1-800-215-1990.