Safety First

As any parent will tell you, the safety and security of their children is of primary importance. We all take great care to make sure our children are protected and we work hard to create a home environment that is free of dangerous hazards that could do harm to our youngsters.

So, imagine my surprise and concern when Brian Williams came on the NBC Nightly news Tuesday night May 12th to report that “falling flat-screen TVs a growing threat for kids.” Not falling prices, falling flat screen TVs. Yikes! Moving beyond some of the alarmist tone of the report (click here for a full report with a video ) the key takeaway for me was the fact that 47% of the reported home furniture-related injuries were due to televisions, and principally due to the “ever-bigger flat-panel televisions that Americans have brought into their homes…along with the entertainment centers and less-stable stands to hold them.”

The article went on to say that the American love affair with flat-panel displays (a love affair we heartily endorse by the way) is resulting in many homes “precariously balancing” their new prized possessions on lightweight, unstable stands or hanging it from wall brackets that are often inexpertly installed by home DIY-ers.

The news report and article was a reminder to me of why we at Touchstone developed and created the TV Lift cabinet product. Certainly the wow factor- “Now you see it, Now you don’t”- was an initial influence on our decision to commit our business to this product. However, we early on recognized that the intrinsic value that a Touchstone TV Lift cabinet delivers to the home consumer was in securely hiding the TV from view when not in use, and safely positioning the TV in a stable cabinet, out of harm’s way. Moreover, our Child Safety locking feature allows the parent to program a “lock down” code that insures it is only used and operated with their permission.

So, my message to America is: keep buying those flat-screen TV’s, because they are a truly awesome viewing & entertainment experience, but take some time to look at the Touchstone TV Lift cabinet option, for it provides the style, safety, and security you want and need (and don’t forget the “wow”).