New Product Showcase at Las Vegas World Market

Touchstone Home Products announced that it will be unveiling their new 2009 Collection of Theater Lift Cabinets in two showcases at Las Vegas World Market. The events will be held Monday, February 9th, from 10:00 – 1:00 PM and Wednesday, February 11th, from 1:00 – 3:00 PM in Showroom C-1449 and are open to all LVWM attendees. Touchstone’s new CEO, Jeff Sheahan will be speaking at each event about the new collection as well as the dramatic increase of consumer demand for Flat Screen TV furniture solutions.

The collection is Touchstone’s largest to date with the greatest breadth and depth of styles and finishes for every room in the home.“We are very excited by our new designs and solutions being showcased in Las Vegas. With the explosion in flat screen TV sales, households are now faced with the so-called “plasma dilemma”- where and how best to situate their new prized possession. As flat screen TV prices continue to fall, more households are getting a 2nd flat screen TV, putting the smaller-37-42”- TV into the bedroom. In the bedroom, only an end-of-bed TV lift cabinet can provide the ultimate movie-theater like viewing experience that consumers crave. Touchstone offers the broadest assortment of end-of-bed TV lift cabinets and will be featuring several of these at Market.”

Touchstone was founded as a forward-thinking furniture company and continues to innovate both product designs and business solutions. In addition to the new collection, Touchstone will also be announcing a “paradigm shifting” new program at Las Vegas Market. This new Dealer Program will change the outmoded relationship between dealer & manufacturer, allowing each member of the value chain to focus on what it does best, taking unnecessary cost out of the transaction, while increasing customer satisfaction & service.

This article was featured in Furniture World in January